EURO na Arene Lwow: jeden sto tysięcy gości zapasowe "słońce" i niezapomniany piłka nożna

22.06.2012 08:00

EURO 2012 is continuing and growing. The stadium in Lviv has fulfilled its mission, successfully taking three exciting and colorful match of groum «B» of the European Championship: Germany-Portugal, Denmark-Portugal and Denmark-Germany.


Euro it’s our chance for the operational team to get unique knowledge and experience that is not so easy to find in Ukraine and in all over the world. Already, we are confident that we can organize at Arena Lviv any events of any scale," – said Alexii Zhukovin, the stadium manager.


During the championship, Arena Lviv hosted a number of guests, which may be a small city’s population, 97 920 people. In 3 matches was scored 9 spectacular goals: three for each team.


Number of match




Number of spectators





32 990





31 840





32 990


Football pitch, the heart of any stadium, received high marks from experts. According to the chief agronomist of Arena Lviv Victor Knishuk, pitch steadily withstood all loads, the games and intense trainings as well. 


The pitch adequately fulfilled its task. From the coaches and players were no any negative comments. We have applied all our forces and knowledge to get the best result."


New equipment for the care of the stadium pitch has also played an important role in preparing the arena for the tournament. There are an aerator, a sprayers, brand new mowers, and, certainly, the lamps for artificial lighting and heating. Since two weeks before the first match in Lviv was overcast rainy weather, and the "spare" sun in the arsenal stadium agronomists was very handy.

Comfort and safety of the fans provide more than 700 stewards. All of them were specially trained to provide guests with the best service.



Honor guests at Arena Lviv: UEFA president Michel Platini, the Danish Crown Prince Frederik and his wife, Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov, the coach of Real Jose Mourinho, the coach of the London Arsenal Arsene Wenger, Director of UEFA Euro 2012 in Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivsky , Portuguese football star Eusebio and many others. Also, the last match visited players football team Metalist from Kharkov.

Starting from June 22, Arena Lviv will operate in "normal" mode. Excursions are starting again, restaurants and conference halls as well. Also, as Alexii Zhukovin said, very soon will start an interactive exhibition "Euro in Lviv", for the reason that the stadium has a lot to show and tell about the interesting moments in the life of the European teams and the organization of the Tournament.

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