Stadium bowl

The stadium bowl is accommodated for 34915 spectators’ seats. The football field is of standard 105m by 68m dimensions. 

The natural lawn is designed with application of all modern systems of football field maintenance in operation for all year round: artificial heating, drainage, automatic watering.


The stadium bowl is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and light systems.

The sound is provided by 136 acoustic systems, each of which comprises a few loudspeakers of different range. Nine of such systems are aimed at provision of high quality sounding not only for spectators but for players. Sound system also plays an important role in the process of public safety and timely evacuation of spectators, having the best resources for announcement and instruction. An average sound-pressure level is 104 decibels, power - 65 kW.

The bawl light is provided by 288  best-in-class projectors of several types.

The illumination reaches 2400 lux. The system provides 5 modes of switching on and light.

Video content is provided onto 2 large LED scoreboards (by 62 m2 each). The scoreboards are mounted on the north and south stands.

The holding capacity of covered lawn is 15 thousand people. Thus, the stadium bowl is accommodated to host great events (for instance, concerts) visited by 50 thousand of spectators. The official opening ceremony of Arena Lviv was organized under such format: the football field was covered with protective plastic and more than 2 thousand of artist performed on it. And two weeks later, on November 15, the stadium hosted the first football match between the national teams of Ukraine and Austria.

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